The SymplicityTM Renal Denervation System

Medtronic offers a novel and innovative therapy for treatment-resistant hypertension. The SymplicityTM renal denervation system is specifically designed to deliver low-level radio frequency (RF) energy through the wall of the renal artery to achieve renal denervation (RDN).

The Symplicity renal denervation system consists of the SymplicityTM catheter and the SymplicityTM generator. These two components work in concert to deliver the optimal energy required to achieve safe, superior, and sustained blood pressure reductions for patients who, until this point, have been unable to achieve target blood pressure levels despite multiple prescription medications, and are considered to be treatment-resistant.1,2

RDN Symplicity Catheter 

SymplicityTM Catheter

The Symplicity catheter is designed to deliver low-level radio frequency (RF) energy through the wall of the renal artery to achieve renal denervation. The catheter is placed in the vasculature adjacent to the target neural site using standard interventional catheter techniques. RF energy is then delivered through the catheter to the target nerves.

The Symplicity catheter is a 6F compatible, single-use catheter that is used in conjunction with a standard dispersive electrode. The platinum electrode (catheter tip) is radiopaque, which assists in the positioning of the catheter, using fluoroscopic guidance. The catheter tip can be easily guided by the handle lever, which controls the deflectable section. This section is designed to assist in positioning the electrode within the artery, and the flexible tip is designed to facilitate consistent wall contact. The catheter is also torquable, allowing the user to easily rotate the catheter to treat different locations around the vessel. An integrated extension cable is provided to connect the catheter to the Symplicity generator. The Symplicity catheter should be used only with the Symplicity generator.


 Symplicity Catheter

SymplicityTM Generator

The Symplicity generator is an integral part of the Symplicity renal denervation system and is designed to deliver precisely controlled RF energy treatments using the Symplicity catheter. The generator delivers RF energy via a dynamic algorithm that continually monitors and adjusts the power output, taking into account impedance and temperature measurements, and ensuring that the delivered energy is safe and efficacious. The generator is compact and lightweight for ease of use within the interventional suite. It is activated via a hands-free switch to allow the user to remain focused on the procedure. 




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